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  1. I love buying and making personalised items. Knowing that the item is special and meaningful to the person recieving it feels amazing. Here are my 3 favourite personalised items (At the moment!!) 


    This photo was sent to use by the lovely Chriss - We made Chriss this gorgeous necklace to represent every memember of her family - including Mummy and Daddy. This item is available to order with a maximum of 4 names HERE


    These super cute name keyrings are favourites of mine! I can do so many designs! Popular at the moment is the 3 shown in picture (Unicorn, Mermaid, Penguin & Girl Bear) and Boy Bear, Monster and Robot. These are available at request on my facebook page. Order 5+ and get a discount! Perfect for party favours! 


    This keyring is so special and meaningful. Everyone i make is heartbreaking but i know how meaningful they will be to the owners.These are available to order HERE

    It was very hard to narrow down my favourite personalised items to just 3! Take a look through the website, they're tons of different personalised pieces. Can't find what you're looking for? Pop an email over via the "Contact Us" page with your idea - I'm sure i can help!

  2. 45You may have noticed lately that my page has gone a little Dog Crazy!

    It all started when one of my metal blank suppliers started making dog shapes. She started with 20 popular breeds. I ordered 5 breeds to start with just to see the reaction. Made one design, that was in mid-March, We are now in April, I have 18 breeds in stock out of the now 28 available!

    I didn’t realise how crazy for dogs you all are!
    Here is my very first dog make – A german shepherd dog shape with “This Human Belongs To..” and a heart tag with the dogs name. Both complete with the heart paw print design. 

    Within minutes of posting this design I had an inbox full of messages asking for various breeds, from Labradors to huskys, cockapoos to westies and more! I have tried my best to make as many breeds as possible, but some are not yet available. My supplier will tell you how much I have bugged her in the last few weeks and we are now on 28 breeds – that’s 8 new breeds since the beginning  AND there is more to come!

    I have now started on new ranges – Dog Name Magnets and Dog Name Keyrings.

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    If there is any breed you’d like to see that I don’t already cover please pop a comment on the post! I will get on to the supplier and see what we can do!

    Thank you for keeping me super busy.