charity Fundraising with The trinket box.

Since the very first year The Trinket Box was born we have fundraised for various charitys. Alot of themed items have been made and a portion of sales have been donated to various charitys include: Dog Charities, National Autistic Society, Down Syndrome Society, McMillian and more! After the year 2020 brought us it is more and more important to us to be able to fundraise. Due to Covid charities have struggled! So 2021 i am going to try and do a different funrasing project a month. 

8 Below hUSKY rESCUE

In 2019 we adopted our gorgeous Husky Ffion. I wanted to give something back to 8 Below Husky Rescue which is where we got her from. In January 2020 i made and sold Husky Shaped keyrings personalised with names. For each one sold £5.00 was donated to 8Below. So far we have donated £150. With at least another 10 sold - another donation is being made soon!